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About 1 year ago I started getting systemic inflammation. My C-Reactive Protein levels are sky high. This causes torturous pain (I do NOT exaggerate), in ALL of my muscles and joints, as well as stiffness, rigidity, nerve pain and many other symptoms! On top of my back disabilities it has been unbearable and this only exacerbates the back, nerve pain, and spasms! There have been many days where I do not think I can or want to be here, the pain is that bad, and I have experienced severe back/nerve pain and spasms for over 25 years!
Being able to work with Rebecca has been a God-Send. She is such a loving, compassionate, professional and delightful spirit. She is understanding and adjusts trainings to whatever my abilities are on that day. Rebecca brings a beautiful L.I.G.H.T. into my life. Knowing that I have time set aside to spend with her, work with her training my Cora, and watching Cora learn and flourish, brings me much joy! Cora too! Cora is finally at the point in her training where she is learning tasks that can actually help me out physically! What a blessing.  Rebecca, my Cora (and Trixie), and your program has kept me going, literally!  It brings me joy, hope, and gives me a reason and desire to push through it all! Cora and I especially look forward to working with and spending time on-line with Rebeca. You have one of the best trainers and beautiful souls in her. I imagine you know this!!!! Thank You for this blessing and all the support.

Cyndy and CORA

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Autism service dog training from a distance

My daughter has Autism and after an unfortunate experience my family decided as a last resort to try a service dog. We got Aspen as a puppy and due to the expense of things we decided his training would have to be a plan we could manage. Compass Key although not near us offered flexible training options with various prices. So far Aspen has helped stabilize my daughter. They absolutely love each other. Aspen is responding well to training. We still have a long way to go but hopefully we can make Aspen a Autism service dog.

Becoming a mobility service dog

Thank you for everything you guys have done to help us train Lucky to be the most perfect dog for our family...especially Matthew. The joy he brings us everyday is endless. Kaitlyn was amazing. She gave me the confidence and patience I never thought I had to deal with training a dog and especially bringing him out and about in public (that was extremely hard for me to overcome). She was always understanding and accommodating with my schedule and my crazy life with three kids. I can't thank you guys enough for everything.

More to life to experience with him by my side

My Service Dog, Jack, did not show me the way to heaven, but he did lead me out of hell. ​My panic disorder, PTSD, and generalized anxiety disorder was too large of a mountain for me to climb alone. I couldn’t do it alone. 


​Because of Compass Key, and lots of hard work, now, I don’t need to do it alone. Now, I have Jack, my Service Dog, who is always by my side, and we walk shoulder to shoulder together through whatever my mental illness brings. If I tremble, Jack puts his paw on my leg to remind me he is there. If I pick at my hands, Jack will cover my hands with his face to distract me. If I cry, Jack alerts and gives me kisses. If I do have an anxiety attack, Jack places himself under my body so that I have a soft, warm place to be until the attack subsides. If necessary, Jack can alert someone else that I need assistance, and bring them to me. ​


I am never going to be cured, but with Jack as my partner, he has made my disabilities manageable. With Jack by my side, I will go to work, and show up in the world in the way the I want to show up. I can exist in the world without fear of panic attacks or dissociation because I know that Jack is there to mitigate my disabilities. ​


Jack has brought me out of hell, and into the world, and there is so much more to experience now with Jack next to me to help.


Joey Iversen is the epitome of who a Profession Service Dog Trainer should be. Joey is kind, gentle, and extremely knowledgeable about canine behavior, and working dogs. Joey treats both myself and my canine partner with the utmost respect, and encourages sustainable, realistic training progress while remaining patient and understanding. She continues to have fresh ideas when it comes to training, encouraging me to keep moving forward with Service Training. She inspires me to work hard with my dog and value progress. Joey Iversen knows the Training industry inside and out, and her work makes that crystal clear. I am lucky to have found her!

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Interested in purchasing Compass Key apparel?  Feel free to visit our company store!

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