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Client Testimonials

Our clients readily invite us into their lives and their homes. They share their daily dog struggles with us and we embark on our training mission. Because we work with every dog the same way we would work with our very own, we grow bonded with each one.

About 1 year ago I started getting systemic inflammation. My C-Reactive Protein levels are sky high. This causes torturous pain (I do NOT exaggerate), in ALL of my muscles and joints, as well as stiffness, rigidity, nerve pain and many other symptoms! On top of my back disabilities it has been unbearable and this only exacerbates the back, nerve pain, and spasms! There have been many days where I do not think I can or want to be here, the pain is that bad, and I have experienced severe back/nerve pain and spasms for over 25 years!

Being able to work with Rebecca has been a God-Send. She is such a loving, compassionate, professional and delightful spirit. She is understanding and adjusts trainings to whatever my abilities are on that day. Rebecca brings a beautiful L.I.G.H.T. into my life. Knowing that I have time set aside to spend with her, work with her training my Cora, and watching Cora learn and flourish, brings me much joy! Cora too! Cora is finally at the point in her training where she is learning tasks that can actually help me out physically! What a blessing.  Rebecca, my Cora (and Trixie), and your program has kept me going, literally!  It brings me joy, hope, and gives me a reason and desire to push through it all! Cora and I especially look forward to working with and spending time on-line with Rebeca. You have one of the best trainers and beautiful souls in her. I imagine you know this!!!! Thank You for this blessing and all the support.

Cyndy and CORA

Thank you Compass Key! Having a service dog has made a difference in my life. I regained independence that was lost as well as a safer future!

Our journey began when I was searching for a program that would be a good fit. Throughout the program we received support, encouragement, and honesty of where we were at, what we needed to work on, and how to get there.  

Upon completion of the program, there’s still support. Everyone wants you to succeed and for your team to continue to grow.  Thank you again for everything!

Rebecca and DAISY


As a veteran of more than 30 years, I am eternally grateful for the Service Dog trained by Compass Key.

I bought a Labradoodle thanks to the recommendation of his dedicated trainer, Gemma. She was absolutely fabulous in training my service dog, Dwight. He is still so gentle and attentive to my needs.

I would recommend Compass Key to any service person who is in need of the assistance of a service dog. I must be honest and advise those with need this, that it is not cheap. We are talking about thousands of dollars. The VA will give you a medical professional’s letter of recommendation, but at the present time, no financial assistance is available. Good luck and thank all of you for your service to our county.

Michael and DWIGHT

Hi, my name is Katey. I originally got my girl, AmalFe when she was 8 weeks old. She is a wonderful golden retriever. I noticed even as a puppy she tried to tell me before I had panic attacks or during anxiety she would provide me with deep pressure therapy.  I didn't really understand what it was until looking it up. I thought it was amazing that she knew before me that I was going to have a problem. I didn't even have to train her to identify it in me. After researching this therapy and others that like military personal receive care from their service dogs. I realized my girl was perfect for me to train her in the same way and to do so I needed to find a company that was willing to help me get her trained. 

To be fair, I started to train her to get her good citizenship first through a local pet store. I then moved over to Compass Key Service Dog Training. I can tell you that the program is amazing. I have learned new ways to train her and behaviors to keep her motivated. My biggest how the heck do you get her to do that was to back up in a straight line. Kayse, my trainer, made it so easy for us. Now AmalFe treats it almost like a dance and finds it so fun. I love Kayse, she is amazing. On the first visit she just asked me questions as to what I needed from AmalFe and gave me suggestions on what we could train her to do. AmalFe is my first service dog ever. She is smart and eager to learn. She would probably have passed all her tests by now if I was not the one that slacked off during the winter months. But every time I make it an effort to be consistent with AmalFe's training. She learns so quickly. I am so excited to pass our 2nd test and to work on her specific skills to help me even more. Some I know I don't even have to train her on because she already does them. But for others it is going to be great to learn together with Kayse's help and guidance. Every meeting I feel like we are getting something new out of the training with Kayse. I never walk away feeling like I wasted time or money. I can't wait to take AmalFe on a plane and for her to travel everywhere with me. She has set me free to be more adventurous with her by my side. 
I would completely and wholeheartedly recommend Compass Key Service Dog Training to anyone needing help to train their service dog. I feel they make having a well-trained service dog more attainable to people rather than being on a waiting list and paying $10,000 plus more for a trained service dog.

Katey and AmalFe

I was diagnosed about a year and a half ago with a rare autoimmune disease that attacks my vascular system, making daily tasks and any regular travel for work incredibly difficult between frequent traumatizing doctors visits. I thought "There's no way *I* should have a service dog, they are for people with much worse disabilities than mine!" but after speaking with Autumn, my eyes were opened to how much more of my life I could truly live with a trained service dog to help me. That's really what's most important about this, regaining access to everyday things I thought I could never really do again without a lot of difficulty.
The training itself has been above and beyond anything I expected. The program is challenging at times, but with Autumn's guidance it's worth the effort to make sure Kraken is fully ready to help me with his tasks in many new situations. Through the challenging nature of each phase Kraken and I are eagerly growing together as a team and I am already seeing so much improvement in my day to day life with him by my side.
Autumn in particular as my trainer is confident, knowledgeable, and is always willing to demonstrate and explain any particular training technique that we go over. I learn by doing things myself, so being handed the leash to try after watching them demonstrate the desired task for Kraken to do has helped my confidence. It's very easy for me to get anxious in a new environment but Autumn has been steadfast in their step-by-step explanations of everything. I watched myself go from being quiet and too nervous to be able to get my puppy to just SIT for me on day one prior to training, to now watching him respond eagerly to every new task I ask him to do. We now look forward to each new challenge as a team. The training methods are positive and encouraging for both us humans AND our dogs. 
I highly recommend Compass Key to anyone who might be on the fence about getting help training a potential service dog! Even now early on in the program I have found so much value and bonding with my dog through our lessons, we look forward to forging ahead together with the next phases of our training.

Crystal and KRAKEN

Seven years ago I adopted a puppy. I named her Peony. I was experiencing a significant and progressive hearing loss, and felt I could benefit from the assistance of a service dog. Alas, most organizations would not work with me to train my dog; they wanted to provide me with one of theirs. Finally I learned about Compass Key and reached out to them. They offered to work with me to train my dog both at their training center and at home. Over the next two years, we worked cooperatively to progress through the challenging Compass Key training program. Working with my trainer was a marvelous experience. Both Peony and I learned a lot, and after completing her training Peony graduated with flying colors! Peony and I are now a team and go everywhere together. She is a calm and experienced traveler, and because of her training, her behavior is exemplary. She knows her job and does it well. In addition, she gives me a wonderful companion that brightens every day. I am so glad I found Compass Key!

Susan and PEONY

I just want to make sure everyone knows how incredible Crystal is, and also how wonderful Cody is. It's very important to me that their excellence is recognized in every way possible.

Laura and DANNY BOY

My name is Dawn Palsgrove and I am a proud Compass Key Service Dog Training Client. When my brain injury got to a point where I realized I was going to need help, I looked into service dogs, and I looked for a company that was going to have personal touch, personal training, that was going to help me do owner training, but with a coach I desperately needed. And I knew I was going to need that. And we found Compass Key and Kaitlyn with Compass Key, has been a life saver. She showed us what breeder to talk to, she coached us for the last two years, we passed Phase 2. My service dog CUPCAKE is outstanding, and I am so thankful for him and we would not be where we are if it wasn't for Kaitlyn and Compass Key. I would do it all over again exactly the same way and would work with Compass Key. I recommend them to anybody, and have recommended them to people looking for a service dog or service dog trainers.

Dawn and CUPCAKE

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