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Philadelphia Tri-State Area

Our Philadelphia Tri-State Area branch serves Southeastern Pennsylvania, Central and Southern New Jersey, Northern Delaware, and Northeast Maryland. Please note that there is limited availability for trainer to travel to client in some areas.

Map of Service Areas for Philadelphia Tri-State Area Service Dog Training
Service Dog Trainer Kaitlyn Charney

Kaitlyn Charney


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A Bit About Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn Charney has had an overwhelming passion for animals for her entire life. Growing up, she always chose Discovery Channel and Animal Planet over Saturday morning cartoons. She also loved exploring the outdoors, catching frogs, and watching birds and other wildlife. She had dreams of becoming a veterinarian, but working for one in high school made her realize that it wasn't the right career choice.

While finishing her bachelor's degree in conservation and wildlife management, she found that her true passion is teaching. Learning new things and sharing them with others in order to spread enthusiasm and harmony is what makes her happiest in life.

She has an intimate understanding of animal behavior and a love of problem solving, so dog training came naturally to her while growing up with her own dogs. She decided to pursue ecological research jobs after college, but then a break between seasonal jobs led her to work as a trainer at a pet store. Over the next three and a half years she adapted the basics, and created her own various techniques to meet the exciting challenges she faced.

She is beyond thrilled to be able to go a step further and change people's lives through service dog training. She looks forward to every challenge with vast enthusiasm and a determined smile.

Rebecca Brame


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Service Dog Trainer Rebecca Brame

A Bit About Rebecca

Rebecca Brame has been working with dogs for as long as she can remember, first apprenticing with a trainer at age eleven. The urge to understand the canine mind and be able to communicate with dogs has led to a lifetime of reading and researching animal behavior, working with and being inspired by dogs. Rebecca believes communication through training is instrumental in strengthening the bond between an animal and their person.

Rebecca is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) a certified training partner from Karen Pryor Academy of Animal Behavior. As an AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator, she has worked training and evaluating dog and handler teams. Rebecca holds an AHH certification in the human/animal bond from the University of Denver. Rebecca has worked with many dogs and their families, emphasizing trust, respect and communication. She is committed to making learning safe, fun, and stress-free.

In addition to her studies in animal behavior, Rebecca has a BFA from University of the Arts in Pennsylvania. This background in art has led to keen observation skills and creative problem solving that has enhanced her work as a trainer.

Rebecca lives with her two daughters, a sweet but nervous Rottweiler mix, a small in body, large in mind terrier mix, and a menagerie of cats, guinea pigs, turtles and assorted fish.

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