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Service Dog Search: Clover

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

A cream colored golden retriever puppy with dark brown eyes in a yellow "service dog in training" vest lays down outside, looking up at the camera.

Breed: Golden Retriever

Birthday: March 26th, 2023

Parents: Ziva & Bailey

Service Dog for Sale

Our last profile feature is on the curious Clover, who is a littermate to Juniper! She was suggested as a service dog prospect by her breeder Henne Goldens, and selected from her litter by Compass Key for her middle of the road, even temperament. She's happy to connect with people, and is curious, but doesn't get over excited. Clover came to live with her trainer Kayse at 8 weeks old. Each Compass Key trainer gets to choose the name of the puppy they're training, and when asked how Clover's name was chosen, Kayse said everything seemed to fall together. Clover was born in March, had a green puppy collar, and Kayse has also always had a knack for finding four leaf clovers, sometimes 30 or more a year. It seems like Kayse's luck continued with finding another lucky Clover!

Let's learn more about Clover.

A cream colored golden retriever puppy in a red harness lays on a sidewalk, looking at the camera.


Clover is friendly, easy-going, and simply delightful. She's a social butterfly, always up for a good time, and her sociable nature extends to humans, dogs, children, and even cats. She's genuinely interested in making friends but doesn't lose her cool.

When Kayse was asked to pick a few words to describe Clover, calm, cuddly, and sociable came to mind. With a moderate energy level, she's a calm and composed pup. Kayse has found that she's one of the easiest puppies she's had.

A young cream colored golden retriever sits while being pet by two women.

Clover's curious nature transfers easily to training and learning, where she's a star pupil, always eager to please and engage with her trainer. When she's done training she has a great off switch and can entertain herself with a toy or settle down for a nap.

When it comes to likes and dislikes, Clover loves her food. Whenever it's mealtime, she always does three little happy circles and sits to wait for her food with her ears perked. She also likes using her brain to earn her food, usually eating her meals out of a puzzle toy. Her favorite is the Kong wobbler, which she loves to bap around with her paws.

A cream colored golden retriever puppy holds a pink colored lamb plushie in her mouth.

Clover is a playful pup, and like most retrievers, she loves to play in the water, and get dirty in the mud. When aquatic activities aren't available, or cleanliness must be maintained, she's happy to play with her favorite pink lamb plushie.

After a good play session, down time is important to Clover. Cuddling is one of her favorite pastimes, and scheduled nap times are her way of rejuvenating for the next adventure. But she doesn't like to get too warm, so she isn't one to cuddle under the blankets.

Clover is hoping for a special person who is looking for a sociable and cuddly partner. She would love to be a part of a family or multi-person household because she is so social. If you're looking for a service dog who brings joy and tranquility to your life, Clover may be the perfect fit for you.

Completed Training

A cream colored golden retriever puppy in a yellow "service dog in training" vest lays down in the grass.

Clover has received the utmost care and consideration in her socialization and training from her trainer Kayse. From house and manners trainings, to extensive socialization, Clover has been supported through the very crucial early stages of puppy development, giving her a solid foundation for more advanced training. So far, Clover has passed Phase 1 training, which includes 23 skills such as sit, down, stay, wait, heel, touch, and many more. Clover is also already halfway through Phase 2, and making fast progress! Her stay is very good, and touch is one of her favorite cues. She loves to boop the snoot!

Training in Progress

A young cream colored golden retriever in a yellow "service dog in training" vest sits on the grass.

Clover is working on Phase 2 with her trainer Kayse. She has learned many of the skills, but is working on impulse control and executing the cues around distractions. A big feat for a 6-month-old puppy! Waiting at doors that lead to new and exciting places is difficult, but Clover is working hard and should be ready to pass Phase 2 in the not-too-distant future.

Disability Skills

The disability skills Clover will be trained in are still to be determined, but her trainer Kayse thinks she is very well rounded and her skill training could go in a number of directions. She will likely not be big enough for mobility or stability work, but many other types of work, like retrieval, psychiatric, or medical alert are possibilities. Once Clover has a home lined up, her disability skills can be tailored to her new owner's disability.


Clover is currently available to buy, and it is estimated she will be finished with Phase 4 training around February of 2024. After completing all 4 phases of the Compass Key service dog training program, Clover's sale price is $48,650. Please visit our website if you're interested in learning more about our Available Dogs. You can also find more details about the Compass Key service dogs for sale program in this previous blog post.

If you are interested in purchasing Clover, please contact us.

Clover wishes you the best day!

A cream colored golden retriever puppy in a red harness sits outside on the grass, with big city buildings behind her.

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