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Service Dog Search: Hotah

Updated: Jun 26

A light cream colored golden retriever puppy with dark brown eyes in a yellow "service dog in training" vest stares up at the camera.

Breed: Golden Retriever

Birthday: February 19th, 2023

Parents: Delilah & Bailey

Service Dog for Sale

Our first profile feature is on the handsome Hotah. He was suggested as a service dog prospect by his breeder Henne Goldens, and selected from his litter by Compass Key for his easy-going personality. Hotah came to live with his trainer Sharon at 11 weeks old, and is the third Henne Golden that Sharon has trained. Each Compass Key trainer gets to choose the name of the puppy they're training, and when asked how Hotah's name was chosen, Sharon said, "I have extended family in California where I lived who are Cherokee/Apache. At my naming ceremony, I was taught the importance of the meaning behind an individual's name. Hotah, means 'Strong' in the Lakota language. I could tell that Hotah was going to stand tall and be strong as he grew not just in size, but in his character and heart. He has already shown me that he is living up to his name.”

Let's learn more about Hotah.

Two golden retrievers (Hotah back left, cousin to Hotah front) sit in the front seats of a parked volkswagon convertable car.


Hotah is a fun-loving pup, who's sure to bring endless joy and laughter into your life. This loving guy is a bundle of energy, always ready to have a good time and share his enthusiasm with you, but he has a good off switch and can settle in around the house or cuddle in next to his person for belly scratches and ear rubs. Hotah loves love.

When Sharon was asked to pick a few words to describe Hotah, funny and lovable were at the top of the list. He's also wicked smart. With an impressive ability to learn quickly and a natural talent for excelling at whatever he sets his mind to, he's a smart and eager student. He'll jump up and down with excitement at the mere mention of training, showing you just how eager he is to please and learn new skills.

This sweet and gentle soul is a true people-pleaser. Hotah listens attentively, ready to follow your lead, and doesn't even think to test you, unlike many other adolescent canines! Instead, he's dedicated to making your bond stronger every day. You can count on him to be your unwavering support system, offering 100% loyalty and love.

When it comes to likes and dislikes, Hotah is a true "go with the flow" kind of pup. He adores food and never says no to a treat. Bedtime in his "apartment" is a breeze; no bedtime battles here! His heart belongs to toys, especially his beloved red ball with a little heart on it, which he loves to hold while tossing his head back.

(Video description: A young cream-colored golden retriever puppy plays with a red ball, tossing his head back while chewing on it.)

While he loves a good game of fetch, Hotah would also never turn up his nose at a good splash in the water!

(Video description: A young cream-colored golden retriever puppy plays in a blue kiddie pool, pawing and splashing around in the water.)

The back of a cream colored retriever puppys head can be seen staring in the direction of a television screen.

Hotah is an entertainment enthusiast who loves watching TV and even enjoys being read a good story time. If he had his own social media account, he'd be the one "liking" everything.

A young cream colored golden retriever in a yellow "service dog in training vest" is seen enjoying petting from a smiling blonde women in a striped outfit, while another blonde women in a blue shirt smiles at them.

With an innate curiosity, Hotah enjoys meeting new people but isn't one to solicit attention from them. Exploring new places and sticking to a routine are both part of his repertoire. He's the kind of dog who'll bring you toys when you come home and hope for an ear scratch, greeting you with the same enthusiasm every time.

Hotah is hoping for a special person who'll cherish his sweet nature and appreciate his zest for life. If you're looking for a service dog who's loving, loyal, with a sense of humor, he's the one who's going to make your days brighter and your heart fuller.

A cream colored golden retriever with dark brown eyes sits on a sidewalk in a yellow "service dog in training" vest.

Completed Training

Hotah has received the utmost care and consideration in his socialization and training from his trainer Sharon. From house and manners trainings, to extensive socialization, Hotah has been supported through the very crucial early stages of puppy development, giving him a solid foundation for more advanced training. So far, Hotah has also completed Phase 1 training, which includes 23 skills such as sit, down, stay, wait, heel, touch, and many more. Hotah has also gotten through a big chunk of Phase 2, and has of course had many socialization outings. He travels great in a car, and his leave it and wait are very solid.

A young cream colored golden retriever in a yellow "service dog in training" vest lays next to a shopping cart in a grocery store.

Training in Progress

Hotah is currently working with his trainer Sharon on Phase 2. Right now they're focusing on advanced leash skills, and public access socialization. Hotah is doing well training in grocery stores and restaurants. He doesn't try to check out things on the shelves or sniff for food, and stays with his trainer.

Disability Skills

Once Hotah has completed Phase 2 training, he will move on to disability skills training. He will be trained in medical alert, as he's shown a natural intuition for alerting and responding to medical conditions. Once Hotah has a home lined up, his disability skills will be tailored to his new owner's disability, and could include tasks such as: alerting to an incoming medical episode; responding to a medical episode via tactile stimulation (licking face/hands); medication reminder; and finding help. Additional disability skill sets are also a possibility depending on his future handler's needs.


Hotah is currently available to buy, and it is estimated he will be finished with Phase 4 training around March of 2024. After completing all 4 phases of the Compass Key service dog training program, Hotah's sale price is $46,350. Please visit our website if you're interested in learning more about our Available Dogs. You can also find more details about the Compass Key service dogs for sale program in this previous blog post.

If you are interested in purchasing Hotah, please contact us.

Hotah wishes you the best day!

A cream colored golden retriever puppy naps on their side, with an antler dog chew under one paw.

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Zoey Slightom
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