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Service Dog Search: Juniper

Updated: Jun 26

A light cream colored golden retriever puppy with dark brown eyes in a purple harness sits in the grass, with purple flowers behind her.

Breed: Golden Retriever

Birthday: March 26th, 2023

Parents: Ziva & Bailey

Service Dog for Sale

Our next profile feature is on the joyful Juniper. She was suggested as a service dog prospect by her breeder Henne Goldens, and selected from her litter by Compass Key for her very stable temperament. Nothing really seemed to bother her, and her go with the flow temperament was complimented by a lower energy level. Juniper came to live with her trainer Wyatt at 16 weeks old. Each Compass Key trainer gets to choose the name of the puppy they're training, and when asked how Juniper's name was chosen, Wyatt said nickname potential was at the top of his priorities. When he thought of Juniper, Junebug and Juney came quickly to mind. Plus, the Juniper plant is an evergreen plant, staying green even in the snowy winters, and with her beautiful snow-white fur, Wyatt thought it was the perfect fit. Kaitlyn is now Juniper's trainer in West Grove, PA.

Let's learn more about Juniper.

A cream colored golden retriever puppy in a black harness sits on a sidewalk, looking at the camera.


Juniper is a social girl who's never met a stranger. She is all about cuddles, playtime, and spreading joy wherever she goes. From goofy antics to whole-body tail wags, she's sure to make you smile every day.

When Wyatt was asked to pick a few words to describe Juniper, sweet, cuddly, and goofy were at the top of the list. Around the house, she's a master of relaxation. With a chew toy in tow, she's perfectly content to lounge on comfy beds and soak in the cozy atmosphere.

Juniper loves her doggie friends, and gets along famously with Wyatt's other dogs, following them around the house asking to play or settling in next to them for a nap.

Juniper's demeanor is incredibly level, and she has a soothing presence on other people, putting them at ease. While she may enjoy a game of fetch, she is generally a very calm dog, who is happy to laze around the house or find a toy (or an ice cube!) to entertain herself with.

(Video description: A cream colored golden retriever puppy plays with an ice cube by throwing it around and pouncing on it.)

When it comes to likes and dislikes, Juniper loves cuddles (especially hugs!), hot dogs, and taking naps on car rides. She also prefers plush toys that make crinkly noises over ones with squeakers, and though the rain might not be her favorite thing, she loves doing zoomies in the rain in her raincoat.

A cream colored golden retriever puppy wearing a blue rain jacket stands outside in the rain.

Juniper has a real love for learning, and she especially loves working on heel. If there's a tasty treat involved, that's just icing on the cake for her.

(Video description: A young cream-colored golden retriever puppy works on training heel position outdoors on a sidewalk with her trainer.)

Juniper is hoping for a special person who is looking for a cuddly Junebug to be a calming presence in their lives. If you're looking for a service dog who'll ground you and make you laugh with her full body tail wags, Juniper is the girl for you.

A young cream colored golden retriever in a yellow "service dog in training" vest lays on the floor in a store next to a mannequin display.

Completed Training

Juniper has received the utmost care and consideration in her socialization and training from her trainer Wyatt. From house and manners trainings, to extensive socialization, Juniper has been supported through the very crucial early stages of puppy development, giving her a solid foundation for more advanced training. So far, Juniper has been working on Phase 1 training, which includes 23 skills such as sit, down, stay, wait, heel, touch, and many more. Her loose leash walking and heel are coming along wonderfully, and she does very well focusing around distractions.

Training in Progress

Juniper is getting ready to pass Phase 1 with her trainer Wyatt. She has learned all the skills in Phase 1, and now they're focusing on adding distance and duration to the cues.

(Video description: A young cream-colored golden retriever works on heel work with distractions with her trainer in a bookstore, with multiple plushie toys on the ground.)

Disability Skills

The disability skills Juniper will be trained in are still to be determined, but her trainer Wyatt thinks her bombproof temperament could be well suited to psychiatric work, and as she is on the larger side, mobility is a possibility as well. Once Juniper has a home lined up, her disability skills can be tailored to her new owner's disability.


Juniper is currently available to buy, and it is estimated she will be finished with Phase 4 training around June of 2024. After completing all 4 phases of the Compass Key service dog training program, Juniper's sale price is $48,650. Please visit our website if you're interested in learning more about our Available Dogs. You can also find more details about the Compass Key service dogs for sale program in this previous blog post.

If you are interested in purchasing Juniper, please contact us.

Juniper wishes you the best day!

A cream colored golden retriever puppy lays down in the grass with her tounge sticking out.

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